C.A.R. successfully represents your interests preserving your ability to do business and protecting private property rights.  In 2011:

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C.A.R. Successfully Sponsored legislation to prevent the Bundling of Fees by HOA Agents – Existing law provides which transfer of ownership documents are required to be provided to a prospective HOA unit purchaser. C.A.R. sponsored AB 771 (Butler) which states that ONLY fees for the required documents can be charged upon receipt, effectively prohibiting the bundling of fees with other documents which can be paid for at close of escrow or as agreed upon by the parties. AB 771 was signed by the Governor on September 1, 2011


C.A.R. Successfully Sponsored Legislation to Protect the Rights of CID Unit Owners – C.A.R.-sponsored SB 150 (Correa) protects the right of a CID owner to rent his or her unit, if that right existed at the time the owner purchased the unit. SB 150 was signed by the Governor on July 7, 2011


C.A.R. Successfully Sponsored Legislation to Protect Homeowners from Deficiency Judgments in a Short Sale – C.A.R.-sponsored SB 458 (Corbett) extends the protections of the new ccp sec. 580(e), which requires first mortgage holders to accept an agreed upon short sale payment as full payment of an outstanding loan balance, to junior liens. SB 458 says that any lender that agrees to a short sale must accept the agreed upon short sale payment as full payment of the outstanding balance of all loans. SB 458 was signed by the Governor on July 15, 2011 and went into effect immediately upon signing.


C.A.R. Successfully Sponsored Legislation to Provide Additional Liability Protections – C.A.R.-sponsored SB 837 (Blakeslee) adds language to the Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS) notifying the purchaser of a property of the water efficiency retrofit requirements which will go into effect in 2017 for single family homes. The inclusion of this information in the TDS will ensure that sellers and buyers are aware of these water efficiency retrofit requirements and provide liability protection to REALTORS®. SB 837 was signed by the Governor on June 30, 2011


C.A.R. Opposed Split Roll – AB 448 (Ammiano), proposed to trigger re-assessment of a commercial property upon the sale or transfer of 100% of the corporation owning the property in a single transaction. C.A.R. opposed this measure because it would have created a burdensome reassessment rule on non-residential property and leads to a “split roll”.


C.A.R. Protected the Industry from a Foreclosure Tax – C.A.R. opposed AB 935 (Blumenfield), which would have prohibited a county recorder from accepting a notice of trustee’s sale for recordation unless the mortgage servicer paid a foreclosure mitigation “tax” of $20,000. AB 935 would have discouraged lenders from extending mortgages to home buyers and increase costs of foreclosure.


C.A.R. Opposed Rent Control Legislation – SB 184 (Leno) would have repealed the current rent control exemption that new construction is afforded under the Costa-Hawkins Act by allowing a county board of supervisors to impose inclusionary zoning as a condition of development. C.A.R. opposed this measure because it would have required a developer of new housing to include affordable residential units in their development plans without providing any financial incentives for developers to build affordable housing.


C.A.R. Successfully Defeated Proposed Property Service Employee Restrictions – C.A.R., along with other interests, opposed AB 350 (Solorio), which would have expanded existing law to prohibit an employer/contractor of security, food services and all cleaning related service employees  from terminating the employees of the prior employer/contractor for 60 days, unless there is “just cause” to do so. AB 350 undermined the at-will employment presumption in California. 

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